Kanary, The First Responder.

Your safety is our purpose.

Our Vision

Transform the industrial workplace through connected safety technology.

KANARY Alert Systems, LLC is a partially owned subsidiary of STI Tech in Fairborn, OH.  STI has over 500 employees and is a government contractor. Kanary Alert Systems is the first of many commercial investments for STI. KANARY Alert Systems hires its own key staff and develops its own in-house technology, this allows KANARY to preserve long term capital while having amazing engineering and business talent available during critical phases of development, including gas sensing, geo-location, LoRa gateway, LTE backhauls and cloud storage and computing.

Our Purpose

Drive innovation in the realm of your industrial safety monitoring.

It is estimated that an incremental market growth of approximately 50% will originate from the Americas. Specifically, between 2016 and 2021 the market is anticipated to grow at least a billion dollars from $2.210B to $3.150B. Zion Market Research, in June 2019, indicated that the Global Gas Detection Equipment Market for the oil and gas industry will reach 4 million units by 2025. This is good news for the gas detection market and great news for KANARY Alert. Interestingly the market is equally divided between upstream, midstream, and downstream from a cost basis.

Our Values

Employees. Dedication. Safety

Trusted by organizations where safety comes first.

Our customers choose us because we share the same goal – to keep workers safe by providing superior products, and by maintaining an unfailing commitment to safety.

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Kanary is a US company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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